BPG PROVIDING SOLUTIONS for New York City – Department of Buildings


“With our budget shortfalls, our ability to inspect is going from harder to impossible.” USCM (United States Conference of Mayors) 2013

With many cities across the United States facing serious budget shortfalls, one of the first city departments forced to make cuts in their budgets is Public Works. Typically, a City’s “Public Works Department” houses the engineering, permitting and inspection services for the City. With fewer inspectors available, building compliance violations increase and thus ultimately putting the public safety at risk.

The City of New York is no different and not immune to serious budget cuts. Currently, the City of New York receives over 90,000 building compliance complaints annually and with only 500 inspectors and approximately 1,000,000 buildings the problem will only be exasperated over time. The City started looking at alternative solutions to safely, quickly and accurately inspect thousands of buildings. With over 6,000 route miles in the City this would be no easy task.

BPG rose to the challenge and started looking at how to harness the power of mapping utilizing the latest technology in geographical information to provide a solution to the City’s problem.

After several months of discovery with the City, BPG was awarded the initial test phase of our proposed solution. The initial phase includes driving out over 300 centerline miles with our Mobile LiDAR truck in three different areas’ in the City. Within the 300 miles, BPG will collect data for approximately 26,000 existing buildings and inspect over 200,000 individual assets. The project is expected to be complete in late 2016.

If you would like more information about the project or have inquiries about our mapping capabilities, please contact Nikolas Smilovsky, Department Manager at (602) 954-2223 or via email at nsmilovsky@bpgdesigns.com