• Mobile LiDAR

    Mobile LiDAR

  • Horizontal Drilling

    Horizontal Drilling

  • 3D Scanning

    3D Scanning

At BPG, we believe that by providing excellent service to our clients, we reach our dreams and bring a higher quality of life to the community!


- OSP/ISP Design

- CAD Services

- Mobile LiDAR

- ArcGIS

- Route Feasibility


- Horizontal Directional Drilling

- Vacuum Excavation

- Excavation

- OSP/ISP Construction

- Fiber Optic Cable Installation


- Fiber Optic Splicing & Testing

- Structured Cabling Systems

- Wireless Solution

- Surveillance Systems

- Distributed Antenna Systems


- Lighting

- Renovations

- Industrial Controls

- Tenant Improvements

- UG Utility


Founded in 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona with a simple vision “That if we could provide our customers confidence in knowing they are working with the most innovative, creative, forward thinking, technology advanced companies focused on producing results”. Today, the company operates on the same founding vision and continues to strive to become one of the most respected design and construction service providers serving the broadband, utility, commercial, education, financial markets and more



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